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We've opened PCFlights project with huge desire to help flight simulator amateurs and home cockpit builders. People just like us - enthusiast passionate about virtual flights. Targeting both amateur pilots and professional flight sim enthusiasts, we showcase and offer DIY cockpit hardware components and accessories, as well as assembled aircraft panels, Plug-n-Play flight systems and flight control peripherals. Our goal is to provide anyone sharing our passion with best in industry, reliable and easy to use hardware, both our own and from well-known manufacturers.

We work hard to develop and offer our customers various professionally made cockpit instrument panels, custom KORRY indicators and warning annunciators, different types of control knobs and cabin panel gauges for most popular airplanes such as Boeing, Airbus, A-10C "Thunderbolt", F/A-18 "Hornet" and general aviation home-build cockpits as well. And that just where it all starts. We have hundreds of ideas, permanently grow and are ready to bring you great new products that, hopefully, can suite any flight simmer needs.

We're always open and willing to help virtual pilots implement own thoughts and ideas in home cockpit builds. Custom work is giant part of our activity. One of our goals is to work together to have more realistic flight simulation experience and make our common dreams come true.